About JLynn

I cannot remember a time when I was not making something.  Christmas ornaments, gift for a friends, clothes for a doll or, a necklace.  It must be in my DNA I suppose.  
Here's how JLynn began... In 2002 my favorite necklace broke.  I knew I would never find a replacement so I decided to fix it myself.  The local bead supply store gave me a couple tips and pointed me in the direction of what to buy.  I fixed up that necklace and decided to make another.  And another.  Pretty soon my friends and coworkers were asking me to make pieces for them.  At the time I was working in pharmaceutical sales with lots of time on my hands and an urge to get back to making stuff.  So, I did.  What started in a shoebox is now a studio.  What started as a hobby is now my passion.  
When I am not making pretty things I take the time to enjoy the world around me and give back to my community through volunteering.  As a mother of a little girl, I love seeing the world through her eyes.  She brightens the cloudiest days and casts rainbows everywhere she goes.  Family. Friends. Fun.  My three ingredients for life.