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I cannot remember a time when I was not making something.  Growing up my mom and I would always make Christmas ornaments and I would go door to door in our neighborhood to sell them. My mom instilled in me a love for making pretty things. She passed away from multiple myeloma in 2019 but she would make necklaces for all of the nurses that cared for her in her final months. Recently my cousin started making bracelets. So, I suppose jewelry making must be in my DNA. 
Before I started JLynn Jewelry I was a pharmaceutical sales representative. The job was fun but uninteresting. I would entertain myself at home with various crafting projects but it was not until 2002 when my favorite necklace broke.  I knew I would never find a replacement so I decided to fix it myself.  The local bead supply store gave me a couple tips and pointed me in the direction of what to buy.  I fixed up that necklace and decided to make another.  And another.  Pretty soon my friends and coworkers were asking me to make pieces for them. I literally kept all of my supplies in a shoebox. Pretty soon though I outgrew the shoebox and now, thankfully, I have a dedicated space in our home for making everything. 
When I am not making pretty things I am usually volunteering for something with my daughter's school or with a local organization that is close to my heart, Sandpipers.  My daughter has not taken an interest in making jewelry...yet. I'm sure she will someday though. In the meantime I enjoy watching her perform in musical theater productions.
We live in Hermosa Beach with our three dogs and turtle. It's a great little town in a big city where everyone knows your name. Thank you for being a part of my jewelry story. I look forward to making a piece for you to wear!
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